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Black Pelican Tattoo in Boca Raton, Florida is owned and operated by Jason Holley and Shane Woodward. The shop is a collaborative vision which intends to bring a new standard of the tattoo experience to South Florida. Black Pelican Tattoo provides a largely American traditional and Japanese tattoo style but we are happy to accommodate any custom tattoo request! Take a look through our portfolios to see which artist you’d like to work with, and get in contact with us directly to make an appointment. Contact us online or by calling 561-419-7847.


My chest piece is perfection! Thank you J Mills!

J Higgs

Thank you for the tattoo Jason I love it. Coming back!

J. Lopez

Thank you so much Shane! You're awesome!

S. Davis

"I'm in love with my tattoo! Thanks Paul!"

S. Gaestel

Getting Your First Tattoo

Getting your first tattoo is a big decision. It may be life changing if you choose a very meaningful design and it may even be the start of many tattoos to come. For some, it may be your one and only tattoo with little significance but you like the way it looks. Whatever your reason for getting your first tattoo, here are some points to take into consideration before making your final decision.

Cheap or Good – You Can’t Have Both

Of course it’s not just the amount of money that you spend that determines the quality of your tattoo, it is pretty safe to say that a cheap tattoo is not a good tattoo. Keep in mind that your tattoo is permanent. It will always be there (unless you have to have it removed). You don’t have to spend your life savings, but paying for a quality tattoo from a reputable artist will ensure that your new tattoo will be something you will be happy to show off.

Tattoos and Pain

One of the mostly commonly asked questions we hear is “Does it hurt?” The answer is different for everyone because each person has a different tolerance for pain. You will experience some discomfort, for sure. The placement of your tattoo will also determine how much discomfort you will feel. For example, your feet and hands are areas which have a lot of nerve endings so having a tattoo done there is likely going to be more uncomfortable. Another tender area such as the inner thigh or directly over a bone (like your elbow or knee) is going to hurt more than other areas. In most cases, however, your tattoo will probably hurt less than you anticipate, so try not to be too anxious over it.

Think About It Before You Make Your Final Appointment

While you may really want to get a tattoo, you may be indecisive of the final design. Getting a tattoo is often a fun experience, but if you don’t end up liking what you get in the end, you will regret it. You may eventually get it removed, which is expensive and painful or you may end up living with a tattoo you never really wanted. We have portfolios of the work we have done, so please talk to us and we can help you come up with some good ideas! Before making your appointment, choose what you want so you aren’t making a last minute decision and your artist can have something drawn up just for you.

How Old Do You Have To Be?

According to the State of Florida, tattooing anyone under the age of 18 requires written, notarized consent of a minor’s parent or legal guardian. You can download the Notary form to be used here: Written Notarized Consent for Tattooing of a Minor

Getting your first tattoo can be a cool experience. Here at Black Pelican Tattoo, our artists provide high quality tattooing services in Boca Raton and the South Florida area and we’d be honored to do your first tattoo! Give us a call at 561-419-7847 to find out more information or to schedule an appointment.

Taking Care of Your Tattoo

You thought long and hard about getting your tattoo and we did our best to give you something you’d be proud to show off. The good news is, if you take proper care of your skin while the tattoo is healing, it will last a long time and look great. As things always do with time, tattoo pigments and equipment have greatly improved so your tattoos now last even longer without fading. You have to do your part though, so here are some tips to ensure your tattoo continues to look its best.

Initial Tattoo Aftercare

After you have left the tattoo shop, it is important to follow the instructions regarding aftercare. Once you remove the bandage that your tattoo artist applied, gently wash the tattoo with antibacterial soap. Be sure NOT to use any sort of cleaning agents or facial washes such as astringents, anything with alcohol or peroxide to wash your tattoo. Pat the tattoo dry with a clean towel.

First Few Days

During the first 2 days, wash your tattoo several times per day with antibacterial soap. This is extremely important so that anything that oozes from the tattoo is washed away and does not scab over. On the third day, after you will wash the tattoo only two to three times and in between washes, you will apply a thin layer of white lotion such as Lubriderm, Keri or Aveeno to keep your tattoo moist. Leave the tattoo uncovered. You should apply the lotion several times throughout each day to ensure it does not get too dry.


As your tattoo is healing, avoid swimming in lakes or pools, soaking in hot tubs or taking baths. This will ensure your tattoo does not fade and does not become infected due to bacteria.

You will notice some itching during the healing process. This is normal! Do not scratch or pick at the scab – this is very important. In most cases, applying the lotion will help to relieve any itching.

Use Sunscreen To Prevent Fading – After getting a new tattoo, it is normal to want to show it off. Please avoid tanning in the first few weeks to prevent fading! Once your tattoo is healed, you should always wear sunscreen to not only protect your skin but to avoid any fading of your tattoo – especially here in South Florida where the sun can be very harsh.

If you have any questions about caring for your tattoo, call the shop at 561-419-7847! We’re happy to answer any questions.

Cleaning your new piercing

Before you do anything… WASH YOUR HANDS!!! You should never handle a fresh piercing with dirty hands.

Soak your piercing with some warm water to loosen any dry lymph around the jewelry, do not pick at any ‘crusties’.

Wash your piercing twice a day (morning and night) with an unscented, non-antibacterial soap. We recommend Dr. Bronners Baby Mild Castile soap.

Apply a small amount of soap to the end of a qtip and clean the exposed part of the jewellery on each end, then rinse well with clean water to ensure there is no soap left in or around the piercing.

If you think you got your piercing dirty throughout the day (you work out or went swimming… etc) it is more than ok to clean a piercing a third time a day, just make sure you give it a good rinse afterwards.

Sea Salt Soaks

Non-Iodized Sea Salts help promote healing while reducing irritation. Other salts (table salt, Epsom salt) can contain extra chemicals which may irritate your new piercing. We recommend Dead Sea Salts which contain extra minerals to aid your healing.

Add a 1/4 teaspoon of Sea Salt to a cup of hot water, allow it to cool so you don’t burn yourself and soak the piercing for 20-30 minutes. Use a hot compress (cotton ball or gauze pad) if you cannot fully submerge the piercing.

Sea Salt Soaks are excellent for a new and healing piercing but it is important you don’t overuse them. Only soak your piercing 2-3 times a week, unless recommended otherwise by your piercer. Overusing the soaks can dry out your skin and the piercing.

Sea salt rinses for an oral piercing: Add 1/4 teaspoon Sea Salt to 1 cup hot water, let it cool and use as an oral rinse for as long as you can stand (2 – 5 min)

Oral Piercings

If your piercing is half inside and half outside your mouth (i.e. lip, Monroe, cheek… etc) then continue using soap and water to clean the outside of the piercing.

Rinse your mouth for 20-30 seconds after you ingest anything that isn’t water (eating, drinking, smoking) using a nonalcoholic mouthwash like Tech 2000 advanced dental rinse. Repeat whenever necessary up to 10 times a day.

Smoking, Excessive talking, spicy foods and oral contact (kissing, oral sex) should be avoided during the healing period. To prevent or reduce swelling you can suck on an ice cube or sip a glass of ice water.

Things to avoid

  • Rubbing alcohol and Hydrogen peroxide are way too strong to be using on a fresh piercing, they will kill the new skin cells your body needs to form in order to create scar tissue and will slow down healing.

  • Polysporin and Neosporin are petroleum based products which your body cannot break down. They create a waterproof seal over the piercing which traps bacteria inside the piercing.

  • Perfumed, dyed, or cream soaps can be quite irritating to a new piercing and can cause reactions.

  • Band-aids create warm, wet, dark places perfect for bacteria to thrive in. You may as well put up a big vacancy sign welcoming bacteria in!

  • Make-up and Hair products

  • Alcoholic mouthwashes like Listerine or Scope. Just like rubbing alcohol will irritate a fresh piercing, alcoholic mouthwashes will prolong the healing time on your new oral piercing.

  • Non-Alcohol Based Mouthwashes contain chemicals (i.e. thymol) that affect healthy bacteria and burn (dermo-caustic) after repeated use.

  • Well meaning people who contradict the information given by NEXT! Piercing staff and this aftercare brochure.

  • Hot tubs and pools. For the first few weeks you’ll want to stay out of chlorinated water as it will irritate your piercing. If it can’t be avoided make sure to clean the piercing thoroughly afterwards.

Do You Sell Shirts or Art Prints Online?

Yes, you can order Black Pelican Tattoo merchandise and artist prints online at

Do you do piercings?

Yes, however, please call ahead to ensure piercer availability and to ask any pricing questions.

Is it okay to drink before getting tattooed?

It is ill-advised to get tattooed while you are under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. It will only make the process more difficult for you and the artist and raises the risk of complications.

Am I supposed to tip my tattoo artist?

Yes, tips are welcome and appreciated. Tips range anywhere from 15%-100% – it’s up to you. A tip is nothing more than a compliment on a job well done. Just remember, you tip your waiter or waitress 15 – 20% just to bring you food. Your tattoo will be permanent so if you love what your artist did, a tip is definitely appropriate.

Can I get tattooed if I am pregnant?

As with anything you do to your body during pregnancy, there is always a chance that it can affect your unborn baby. We do not want that liability! If you are pregnant, please wait until after your baby is born to come in and get tattooed for both the safety of you and your child.

What types of payment are accepted?

At this time, Black Pelican Tattoo accepts cash only.

Does it hurt?

The answer is different for everyone because each person has a different tolerance for pain. You will experience some discomfort, for sure. The placement of your tattoo will also determine how much discomfort you will feel. For example, your feet and hands are areas which have a lot of nerve endings so having a tattoo done there is likely going to be more uncomfortable. Another tender area such as the inner thigh or directly over a bone (like your elbow or knee) is going to hurt more than other areas. In most cases, however, your tattoo will probably hurt less than you anticipate, so try not to be too anxious over it.

How do I care for my new tattoo?

Please refer to our After Care page.

Can I bring my own design?

Yes, but keep in mind that we will probably want to change it up a bit. We are a custom tattoo shop and we pride ourselves on giving every client a tattoo they can really call their own. What you bring in may also not be exactly the right angle or shape for where you want the tattoo placed, so please be flexible when it comes to the final design. When you allow us to be creative, you are much more likely to end up with a tattoo you love!

Can you fix my old tattoo?

With the skill of a good artist, old tattoos can be reworked into something you will once again be proud to show off. A new outline and new color can sometimes be added as a “touchup” to brighten your existing tattoo or with a little creativity, we may even be able to add on to it to create a completely new (although larger) tattoo. Got a name you want to cover up or just a terrible tattoo that you hate? We can cover those too…no need to go another day hating your tattoos. We can skillfully cover most “mistakes” and no one will ever have to know. In some cases, however, if an unwanted tattoo is very dark and not able to be covered, we can recommend a laser tattoo removal facility so that the tattoo can be lightened enough that a cover-up can be done.

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