Paul Holland

Paul Holland was born in Nashville, Tennessee. His mother is an accordion-playing daughter of a Romanian missionary and his father is a polite southern writer from Savannah, Georgia. Paul spent his early years in Tennessee until he was shipped off to Michigan for bad behavior, where he received his first tattoo from a scurvy old timer named Mick.

This chance drunken encounter changed the direction of Paul’s life forever. He spent his first few years of tattooing in the metro Detroit area, until he returned to the land of his father for a brief stay on his way to Florida, where he would make his home. Paul has traveled far and wide while tattooing, as far as Germany and Spain, as well as 43 continental United States, part of those travels he spent playing accordion touring with the circus.

Now Paul has found a home at Black Pelican Tattoo, with his fellow southern gentlemen Shane Woodward, Jason Holley, and Jason Mills. Paul enjoys Western and Eastern┬átraditional tattoos, heavily influenced by his grandfather’s tales as a world-traveled sailor in World War II.